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d.tech Canvas Login Fixer

Skip the d.tech Family Portal when logging into Canvas.


What does it do?

This extension automatically skips the d.tech family portal when signing into Canvas. See a one-minute demo here.

Once you choose your login type (student/staff or parent), the extension will remember, even across devices. No more new tabs.


Where can I get it?

Download it from the Chrome Web Store here.

Can I still visit the d.tech Family Portal if needed?

In the settings (which you can access by clicking on the extension), you can click on "Visit and stay on the d.tech Family Portal". When you visit the d.tech Family Portal this way, you will not be redirected.

Is it free?


Do I need to use CanvasCBL for it to work?


Does this send any data to CanvasCBL?

No. While it's built by CanvasCBL, this extension sends no data to CanvasCBL.

Is it open-source?

Yep! Check out the GitHub repository here. (Contributions are welcome!)